CA, Ontario: Evening walks & Birdwatching – Riverwood Conservancy

The caressing sun is whispering promises to melt the snow by the end of the day.

Two years ago I spent Earth Day planting some trees. This year I’m still looking at the melting snow. And it will melt soon, as the Mother Nature was very generous with us this weekend (after last weekend lashes of freezing rain, snow, ice pellets and strong wind). But the nature is always recovering, and we along with her.

I invite you today for a walk in the park.

Pine Sanctuary - contemplative art at the entrance of Riverwood Conservancy
Pine Sanctuary – contemplative art at the entrance of Riverwood Conservancy

Nestled along the Credit River, Riverwood Conservancy is a 150 acres park with many trails, plenty wildlife, and glorious views.

Habitat to more than 475 species of animals and plants, including over 150 species of birds, the park is also known to fishermen for the historic Credit River, where salmon and trout swim up the river in certain season.

Credit River fishermen

Riverwood is a nice example of how a large park with wildlife can co-exist with the sixth most populous municipality in Canada.

A walk in the park is always relaxing me, and no matter which trail I take, cheerful birds follow me everywhere. Birding is a recent hobby I got, after last summer spent in the Kawartha Lakes area, and last fall in Cuba.

Walking in the park

The trails are shared by walkers, joggers, or bikers. And of course by enthusiast birdwatchers like me.

Even though springtime might be late this year, the bird’s songs are enchanting our senses. Some of them are shy, but some of them are daring, coming to eat the seeds from my hand.

Feeding chickadees

Credit River

Happy Earth Day my friends!


CA, Ontario: Sault Ste Marie vs St Marys River

Pursuing our road trip around Huron Lake after leaving Manitoulin Island, our next destination was Sault Ste Marie. Passing cities like Espanola, and Spanish, or reservations such as Mississauga First Nation, I couldn’t stop noticing the French hint of Sault Ste Marie’s name. Anyone can sense from the distance how rich in history this whole area is, isn’t it? But more intriguingly, between the French name of Sault Ste Marie, and the English name for St Mary’s Rivers, I couldn’t stop asking myself which one came actually first?

St Marys River Rapids as seen from the Bridge
St Marys River Rapids – view from the Bridge

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CA, Ontario: Manitoulin Island by Chi-Cheemaun; Wikwemikong – Manitowaning

Chi-Cheemaun is not only a ferry. It is the Big Canoe (as it means in Obijwe language) that connects Tobermory in Bruce Peninsula with South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island, but also connects people, stories and spirits.

Tobermory shore and Big Tub Harbour
Tobermory shore and Big Tub Harbour, as seen from the ferry, before departing.

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CA, Ontario: Rama POW WOW – A festival of culture, life and colours

Every year, on the third weekend of August, everyone is welcomed to witness Turtle Island’s finest Powwow Singers and Dancers at the annual Rama Powwow, known as one of the largest Powwows in Ontario, Canada. Starting with a Grand Entry and a few speeches from preeminent figures of the events, this festival of culture, of colours and of life continues with various dancing and singing contests, spiced up with jokes in between. 

PowWow grand opening
PowWow – Grand Opening

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