US, Michigan: Best of UP – Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (Part 2)

Part 2 – Beaver Basin Hiking – Twelvemile Beach

Hiking in the Beaver Basin can start from the trailing parking lot beside the Little Beaver Lake Campground, after a 5 km of unpaved, narrow, twisting, and size restrictive road.

Little Beaver Lake
Little Beaver Lake

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US, Florida: Florida City – Everglades – Alligator Farm – Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Overseas Hwy

Talking to the sea was never one of my interests. But one day I have simply sit in front or her and closed my eyes. Then I understood that I can listen. To the sea and her long story about all her troubles and anxieties she is having every day, about her day to day struggle, about her torment and her sorrow. And to the wind that was backing her up, whispering and mumbling all sorts of gossip.

And then I realized that also there are sunny days, cloudless skies and azure seas. Swimming with the dolphins, idling on the beach, floating with a tide, glowing sunsets, and silent moonlights.

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CA, Prince Edward Island: Confederation Bridge – Cavendish – Red Sands

Pondering over the idea to cross a long bridge got buried at the bottom of my thoughts. I stopped thinking at such thing a long time ago, when the chance to cross a real one (not only in my imagination) came suddenly; so I took it without even thinking.

I have never imagined or searched information about how long the Confederation Bridge is, not that I have heard before of that, the one that links New Brunswick to PEI. However, when I started crossing it, I almost forgot to breathe; I couldn’t believe that one could not see the actual island, and started wondering if the bridge even goes somewhere.

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CA, New Brunswick: Moncton – Magnetic Hill – Shediac – Parlee Beach

When looking back at our arrival in Moncton I start smiling at the repressed feeling I had when seeing the small and cozy airport. After getting our luggage and heading to the car rental desk, I have noticed the main waiting room: a little bigger than our own living room. Out of all people that came with us, only 5 or 6 could be seen anymore, and then they all disappeared quickly, like the ants under the ground.

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